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CCtv Cameras

The word CCtv refers to Closed Circuit Television Camera which is commonly used for security and surviallance purpose in Home,Shop,Factory,School,Industries and other domestic and commercial places in order to keep a computerized eye and get a recorded footage of the place where these cameras are installed.Technology in this world is rising day by day,human is now making clones of himself hence sharing this technology in the field of Cctv Cameras now we can find upgraded gadgets in our local market.Korea,Japan & China are the largest producer of Cctv camera in this world.In early times as technology was a baby cctv at that time comes with very less resolution of quality with many loopholes in it but now quality of footage is increased with less loopholes in it.

TYPES OF CCTV Camera Technology

1.Analog CCTV 2. Analog High Defination Cameras 3. IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV Camera

1.Analog CCtv Cameras:

It’s the past technology of CCtv Camera as at this time TVL ( Television Line ) Quality was used in this Technology.First 420 Tvl Cameras were used afer than 600 and then 800 and at last 1000 Tvl Cameras were the last breathe of Analog Cctv Cameras .

2.Analog High Defination (Ahd ) CCtv Cameras:

After 2015 Analog HD Camera came into market which was a completion to IP Cameras because of same quality of Footage produced by them with very less cost. 1 Mega Pixel Cameras with 720 P of image quality was first name of AHD camera followed by 1.3 MP and after then 2 and 3 Megapixel Camera. Dahua and Hikvision was the first producers of these AHD Cameras which was manufactured at Korea.

3. IP Cameras:

This technology of CCtv Camera was internet protocol based tech. in CCtv Market.This technology is also the campanion of Analog CCtv Camera.But being a costlier product it was avoided by small business and low budget Customers.Government Departments,Industries and Defence were the only customers available in market which uses this type of Technology.

Among all these technologies CCtv Cameras are further catagorised as Dome Camera or Indoor Camera,Weatherproof Camera also known as Bullet Camera which has different lenses used in it so that they can cover the desired length like 20 mtr , 40 mtr , 50 mtr , and 100 mtr camera

IR Infrared Technology or Night Vision Cameras:

Most of CCTv Cameras nowdays are alos IR Cameras which provides clear but black and white vision in Camera because of Infrared technogy in It.

DVR  & NVR System

Digital Video Recorder and Network Video Recorder is the Central Processing Unit of CCtv Cameras,Analog CCtv Cameras required Digital Video Recorder and IP Cameras requires Network Video recorder for processing of Footage,Recording,Video Play Back,Remote Viewing ,and cofigutaion of CCtv Camera setup.DVR comes in market with its universal ports like 4 Channel, 8 Channel , 16 Channel , 24 Channel and 32 Channel / Ports.We can connect and run 4 CCtvCameras with 4 channel DVR System.  Hard disk of 500 GB ,1 Tb , 2Tb,4 Tb and 8 TB is being used in DVR or NVR for the Storage of Recorded Data captured by CCtv Cameras.

Power Supply :

As Every CCtv Camera required proper 12 Volt 1 or 2 amphere to function.

12 Volt 1 amp,12 V 2 amp,12 V 5 amp,12 v 10 amp and 12 Volt 20 amp models or power supply are available in market.

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