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CP Plus offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge CCTV solutions, including advanced security cameras designed to meet diverse surveillance needs. With CP Plus cameras, you can ensure top-notch security and surveillance for both indoor and outdoor environments. The lineup includes dome cameras, bullet cameras, and innovative IP cameras, providing a versatile range to suit various applications. CP Plus excels in delivering high-quality surveillance systems equipped with features like night vision and infrared capabilities for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Whether you're securing your home or business, CP Plus provides reliable and efficient solutions, including wireless CCTV options and advanced DVR and NVR systems. Trust CP Plus for state-of-the-art security technology, ensuring the safety of your premises with their extensive lineup of surveillance solutions.

In today's dicey world, it is crucial to have security and safety measures at homes or offices to stay secure in every way. While security guards are employed in offices and buildings, but in addition we must use the latest technology like  CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi Camera, Video surveillance system, Door Locks, PTZ Camera or Fingerprint Biometric system for enhanced security. With the use of these surveillance aids of CP plus, you can feel safe and sound even without a security guard. If you are looking for CP Plus CCTV camera India, then may be CP plus is the solution to all your security surveillance requirements as they are convenient to install and are in compliance with latest methods of security. CP Plus World CCTV systems are used for homes, offices, and personal or for public places like restaurants, hotels; shopping malls or parks and you can even opt for a night vision camera for enhanced security. 
An IP camera or a HD camera placed in a right manner can provide enough evidence against crimes, unwanted incidents or thefts in any building so make sure to place them strategically. CP Plus provides HD Camera, DVR, NVR, Cube Camera, Electronic Locks and Video Door Phone to access control over the security system. You can now enjoy your sleep, stress free or work in a tension free environment with small or big cameras for public or personal use. These cameras come in various shapes and sizes along with different colors that blend with the surroundings. Call CP plus for CCTV camera installation and get enhanced security in your office or homes. 
Never leave your property or homes unprotected when CP plus a CCTV camera company provides you with awesome surveillance products that help in monitoring everyday activities of employees at home or work and helps in investigations during thefts or crimes. You can keep a constant check on tasks of employees or in schools and manage the entire situation.There are several models of CCTV cameras depending on place to install and you can contact Pagyal Security Systems an authorized distributor for instant installation. While bullet cameras or dome cameras are apt for offices, hotels or supermarkets.

Bullet cameras are shaped like rifle bullets and are mounted on sides of walls. Bullet cameras are just 2.5 inches long and have a fixed focus. There are several bullet cameras that have night vision too. Dome cameras on the other hand can be installed on ceilings and are compact in size along with good looks. However, these cameras are useful for short distance views only. Wi-Fi cameras are attached with an internet connection anywhere and you can monitor the place on your phone or laptop. IP cameras also help you to watch everything happening at a certain location through internet, and these cameras are the most popular ones due to their convenience. They are used in homes for surveillance of aged people or small kids with house help. A CCTV camera can make your life easier in many ways and you can pick up one that suits your requirement from the CCTV camera shop by CP plus. Now you don't have to undergo unwanted stress to be safe, just install CCTV cameras in several varieties to get enhanced security and monitoring.

CP plus are the leaders in manufacturing and providing CCTV cameras in India with high quality cameras that are developed using latest technology. We value the security of people in our country and worldwide, which is why we have high grade security systems manufactured using International Standards and there are several big companies and public places using CCTV cameras or other security devices by CP plus. With usage of high quality lenses and latest operating systems, our products provide enhanced security with clear images and videos even in less light or no light.

Now you can relax completely and work with a free mind while CP plus security systems take care of your safety in an accurate manner. All of us want safer environment for our loved ones and cannot think of any trouble stepping into our life. CP plus security systems provide you with power to prevent the trouble that approaches you with consistent performance in security. It is an investment that will be fruitful in the long term and you can easily monitor your watchman, employees or other people to be safe from mishaps.

Since your security is a challenge in today's world, CP plus security systems contemplate that with an infusion of latest technology in their products, you can get enhanced protection with these intelligent systems that alert you during times of emergencies. We have breakthrough products for your protection and prevention of theft or crimes and you can purchase comprehensive products that are advanced and manufactured using cutting edge technology to provide augmented safety. As it is very difficult to hire a security guard for your personal use, so you can get protection through ultimate security systems by CP plus CCTV cameras and other products.

You can have a watchful eye on your home and office through different types of cameras that help you stay on guard in case of emergencies. In case of any security breach, theft, crime or even fire in the building, you can get a warning beforehand by one glance at your laptop or mobile and these CCTV cameras are easy to install with wireless systems. Automatic lock help in the prevention of crimes and Fingerprint Biometric ensures that no unknown person enters the office without permission. Video door phone helps you in talking to the visitors from the entrance before letting them in and all this technology has been designed using advanced techniques that take care of your security in every way.

Shopping malls and other public places can also be made safe for everyone with CP plus CCTV cameras installed and monitored every time and they can prevent shoplifting, molestation of women or any other crime by providing footage of every corner. You can contact CP plus CCTV camera distributors to get them installed wherever required and concentrate on your work with complete peace of mind.

CP plus India is leading world leader of security surveillance solution such as CCTV Camera, access control, home solutions, video door phone, and electronic safe, IP Camera, Biometric, HD Camera, DVR and NVR. We have ideal security camera solutions for home, offices, residential complex, industries, banking, education, hospitality, health care, police, real estate, retail, safe city and transport. CP plus CCTV Camera is not only in technology and product development but also customer service as well in India. CP Plus is focused quality, reliability and technology as well as known for depth of experience. India is emerging country of world and highly focuses on safety and security of citizens. CP plus India is committed to provide CCTV Camera at low price for every Indian citizen. CP plus is highly concentrate on research and innovation of future technology in Security surveillance solutions Industries.

CP Plus world is committed to provide CCTV Camera such as IP & HD Camera, Biometric Access Control, Door Lock, Safe, and Video Door Phone to Banking, Education, Hospitality, and Police, Real estate, Retail, safe city and transport. CP Plus products used in different application of general life as well as commercial purpose such as Petrol Pump, Toll Plaza, Bank ATM, School, Collage, Factory, Offices, Warehouses, Jewallary Showroom, Hotels, Restaurant, Shopping Complex, Mall, Housing Society, Farm Houses, Manufacturing Units, Departmental store, Sort Complex, flats and many more. CP Plus world is providing CCTV Camera solution for every application in different and innovative way. Now is the time of IP Camera 4k technology in India. We have special products for retail as well as commercial. Video surveillance solution of CP Plus is available in HD Technology as well as IP Technology.

CP plus IP Product category, you will find different of products such as Network IP Cameras, PTZ Camera, NVR (Network Video recorder), Keyboards and projects models. CP Plus offer wide range of CCTV Camera in IP Technology in wired and wireless type of Products in India. CP plus IP Camera Resolution is available in 1MP, 1.3mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 4k. 6mp and 12mp in different body type such as Box, Bullet, Cube, Dome, Fish eye, PT camera, and vandal camera. CP plus IP Camera rage is 10 meter, 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr, 80mtr and 100mtr. CP plus is offering solutions for any variety of application from wired to wireless IP Camera solution to wireless mini camera for home to robust wired security cameras for offices and harsh outdoor in India. The features and capabilities of CP plus IP Cameras is high definition image, low light imagery, wide dynamic range, dual stream encoding, image sensor and much more. Fiscal Detection, Motion detection, tampering alarm, audio detection and trip wire are latest analytics feature with CP Plus IP Network Cameras. CP Plus PTZ Camera IP Camera is available in resolution is 1.3mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, range is 150 and 200mtr, IR is 30mtr, 100mtr, 150mtr, 200mtr and 500mtr and its zoom ratio is 4x, 20x, 25x, 30x and 40x. CP plus NVR is available in India in 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 32CH, 64CH and 132CH and 8 and 16 Sata. CP plus IP Camera price is low as compare to other competitors in India.

CP plus HD Product category or HD Surveillance Camera, DVR or PTZ camera is more demanding in India. CP Plus HD Camera Surveillance, DVR, PTZ is just up gradation of existing Analog system in India. CP Plus has wide variety and quality HD Security system solutions in India. As we known that HD Analog is work on coaxial cable up to 1200mtr with 1080p resolutions. These HD System is designed according the demand of latest industry standard of CCTV Camera. CP plus High definition cameras are suitable for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. If you are looking HD CCTV camera for your home or office premises than CP plus is reliable service and result solution is available at your door step. CP plus HD Analog Security solutions Camera are divided in three categories such as HD Analog Camera, HD DVR and HD Analog PTZ. HD Analog CCTV Camera is available in resolution of 1mp, 1.3mp, 2mp and 2.4 mp with range of 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr & 80mtr. CP HD Camera is available in different body type such as Bullet, Dome, Pinhole and Vandal Dome. The Design of CP HD DVR is to provide the better video quality compare analog DVR. It is best option to provide best quality if you are not able to offered IP Solutions. If you will pair CP plus HD Analog camera and HD DVR with coaxial cable than you will find high quality image. CP Plus offer HD DVR of 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 24CH and 32 Channel with audio port, Alarm and HDD. CP Plus is providing audio in 1CH, 4CH, 8CH and 16CH with 1 Sata, 2 Sata, 4 Sata and 8 Sata Hard Disk. CP plus PTZ Camera is available in 1 to 2Mp resolution with 100 to 150m range and zoom 20x to 25x. Recently CP Plus launched 4mp HD CCTV Camera with WDR with 4MP DVR.

We offer Home solution, home automation, biometric, villa system, electronic safe, Ezycam and video door phone in India. We have long team of our channel partner, dealer, and distributor and system integrators in India. These help us to reach our product to end customer. Our company growth depends on our team and valuable customer as well. CP plus CCTV Camera Dealers in India is providing installation and AMC of cp plus products. There CCTV Camera shop, Company or office s located in all cities of India. You can call us any time and we will provide CP Plus products at your location is soon as possible.